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Electronic Cigarette Review: NJOY Kings

four small plastic boxes of differing colors, each containing a single NJOY electronic cigarette by thomas

NJOY was one of the first electronic cigarette makers to produce “disposable” e-cigs. Where with most vaping setups you purchase a starter kit and then buy refill cartridges, with the NJOY King you simply purchase your e-cig and you’re ready to go.

To “activate” an NJOY King you just start inhaling. When the e-cig has been spent, the tip will flash orange.

In our experience to date, NJOY Kings are the closest thing to smoking actual cigarettes. They coat your throat very similarly to how traditional cigarettes feel when inhaling, and produce a large amount of vapor with much less effort (about the same as smoking a Marlboro Light, for comparison) than other brands.

The e-cig itself is a bit squishy, so it feels closer to a traditional cigarette in your hand than bulkier, heavier brands. One NJOY King lasts about one day with moderate use, and though the packaging claims differently, it seems to equate to about a half a pack of traditional smoking.

The package NJOY Kings come in contains one e-cigarette, and has room to hold two more if you’d like. Some people have told me they kept one or two traditional cigarettes in there while they were making the transition.

The only real downside to these Kings is that they are significantly more expensive than rechargeable e-cigs, even NJOY’s own variety. They cost about $8 – $10 in gas stations and other retail outlets, and $8.50 – $9 via the NJOY website, depending on how many you purchase at a time.

On the other hand, NJOY has a recycling program which allows you to mail in 8 used NJOY Kings and they’ll mail you back a free one. We’ve personally tried this already and it’s pretty simple. You download a form and can mail in as many as you’d like, each bundle of 8 should be wrapped in rubber bands if sending in more than 8 at a time, and we received ours back within a week or so of sending them out. That effectively reduces the cost to just over $7 / e-cig if you play your cards right.

More expensive than traditional cigarettes and other rechargeable varieties, but with far less hassle and the closest experience to smoking tobacco we’ve found so far.

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